Royce’ – Pote Goma Cookies

Royce’ – Pote Goma Cookies

If you’re afraid of butter use cream – Julia Child

Confectionary at its finest when it comes to Royce’ chocolates (headquartered in Sapporo, Japan) and varieties. Being a big fan of all things sweet my friend had introduced me to Royce a few years ago. Back then, I had the opportunity to try the milk and white chocolate medallions that were thin and creamy. Great for eating alone or add into baking. It wasn’t until I had my first piece of Nama Chocolate that turned me into a fan forever (similar to Meiji Meltykiss).  Nama Chocolate was born in 1995 and became a natural hit – melty, creamy and absolutely fresh! A must try if you can for chocolate lovers.

Now every opportunity I get to try something new from Royce’, I will. My insatiable desire for sweets will be kept satisfied as long as I can get my hands on a box of Royce’. Will post more on the selection of goodies that it has to offer throughout 2014 so look out for them!

The translation for Pote Goma is Potato Sesame. The combination of potato, sesame and one side coated with milk chocolate is simply delicious! All the textures are dancing in my mouth. Crunchy, chewy and full of flavor! You could never go wrong with the combination of potato chip crunch, chocolate with sesame seed!

If you are curious about trying a box yourself, Royce’ currently operates over 40 international stores in 12 countries outside Japan. There are only two outlets located in the United States and both are in New York City. Please visit their website for more details:

Happy Snacking! <3


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