Quick Meals – Tomato Bisque Pasta

Tomato Bisque Pasta with Garlic Bread

Looking for a quick meal? Create a meal for one using leftovers.


1 serving of cooked pasta

1 slice of toast for ( shown leftover garlic naan in toaster oven topped with shredded cheese)

1 baked or fried herb (shown fried basil leaf)

Shredded cheese for pasta and bread (shown shaved parmesan)

2 pieces of meat  (shown 2 sliced turkey meatballs)

1/4 cup of tomato soup (shown tomato pepper soup from Trader Joes)


Pour tomato soup on a small skillet and heat medium high and toss pasta, plate and then add cheese, sliced meat, fried herb. Side with slice of bread.

 Add a glass of wine and you are done! Enjoy! Cheers!

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