Macau – Portuguese Egg Tarts

Macau – Portuguese Egg Tarts

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. – George Bernard Shaw

In my mind Macau is my second home. What to do when you visit your second home? For me, it’s eating at all the local hot spots in pairs and that includes my two favorite Portuguese Egg Tart “pastel de nata” stalls. You will find egg tarts to be abundant in both Hong Kong and Macau. The two best versions of the Portuguese egg tarts in my book are Margaret’s Cafe e Nata (offering only one location near Senado Square, tucked away in a hidden alley) and Lord Stow’s Bakery (which offer multiple locations including one shop located inside the Venetian Hotel and Casino).

Without needing to re-heat the next day these egg tarts are still fresh tasting with a crust that remains crispy and not a bit soggy! 😉

The main difference between locations is that Margaret’s Cafe e Nata always serves it up piping hot while Lord Stow’s Bakery offers it warm depending on which location you go to.

Learn more about the difference between Hong Kong style egg tarts and Portuguese egg tarts:

Margaret’s Cafe e Nata

2852-7791 Gum Loi Building
Rua Alm. Costa Cabral, Macau
Opening Hours: Daily 630am to 10pm (Closed on Wed)

FYI: There is always a line here so try and come early! They open around 8 am!

20121018_15294320121018_153051No pictures allowed. Heheh! 😉 Snap snap. Shame on me.


I encourage you to buy at least six of these babies. They are worth it!

Lord Stow’s Bakery

Open Daily. Currently offering five locations around Macau. Hours vary by location. See website for more details.

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 Just one more bite. :P~~

Happy Eating! 

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