My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.  Winston Churchill

I had first learned about Lucero during a visit to Half Moon Bay at the Ritz Carlton early last year. Fell in love with their “Traditional-Style Balsamic Vinegar” that paired so well with freshly baked foccacia bread. It didn’t take long to realized that it was great with almost everything. I went home and immediately ordered a couple of balsamic vinegar and olive oil sets for myself and for friends. I was dying to share my new found favorite.

What an opportunity and experience!

Luckily, it wasn’t busy as I was able to sample pretty much all their balsamic vinaigrette, some olive oil and selection of sauces & tapenades that took approximately an hour to taste

While difficult to pick favorites. I have found myself to use the  original , strawberry white most frequently.

Come and taste the variety!

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mystashMy own collection of Lucero and Little Thief. I think I’ll be happy for awhile. 😉



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