Cheese – milk’s leap toward immortality. – Clifton Paul Fadiman

In my distant memories of Boston, picking up burritos from Anna Taqueria ( a fast food chain offering California mission- style burritos) was one of my favorite places to go to. One of the few places at the time that would steam their tortilla with cheese, lathered with green hot sauce and roll all the juicy meat, beans, rice and salsa tight to make each bite a spectacular one.

Having consumed many of these burritos during my stint in Boston and packing on to my waistline it was then time to move back to San Francisco, California in 2003. The first thing I did was look for a place that would replicate my memories and most articles had pointed to Gordo’s (also a fast food chain offering mission-style burritos) at the time.

Even though they were good, Gordo’s did not satisfy that memory and for many years I did not return. Since then, I have been fortunate to eat many fantastic burritos of different styles from LA back to SF.

For some reason today, I felt the need to stop by Gordo’s and I am glad I did. It gave a me nostalgic feeling. A blast back to the past. The memories of the hunt for my burrito. In the end the burrito did leave reminiscent thoughts of Anna’s Taqueria, it reminded me of the time and and experiences that grew with me and my journey before heading back home to California.

Gordo’s burritos is good fast food place. Quick and reliable. Sometimes you just don’t need anything fancy to end the day perfectly.

I’ll be back soon.



20130915_131246 20130915_141315

Beef Burrito – With cheese (extra .50)


Carnitas Burrito – With cheese (extra .50)


2 thoughts on “Gordo’s”

  • Love your review, Jess. Gordos brings back memories for me too! 🙂 Is Narai Thai still across the street? They used to have a delicious curry crab there.

    • Thank you, Ken! <3 I did not see Narai Thai and it looks like they closed awhile back. Wish they were still around so I could try that curry crab. Do you know any other local places that make it just as good?

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