In Chinese, we have a saying: You eat first with your eyes, then your nose, then your mouth.  -Wendy Leon, Hong Kong-raised chef

Why in the world did it take me so long to try Dash? I’ve walked by and pointed it out but never went in. With many good places to eat in San Mateo, it’s easy to miss some new/existing opportunities when you’re always hitting the same favorites. Glad Mister H surprised me with a dinner date there and a movie (which is just a few short steps away). The movie, “The Lego Movie” and dinner was at Dash. ūüėČ The evening was perfect.

As we start off by eating with our eyes, presentation play a huge role in how we experience food. All things play to mind in this experience; color, positioning, proportions, texture and how it all becomes cohesive.

The moment we walked in we were greeted sweetly by the staff and chef behind the counter. ¬†As each dish came out my eyes widened and smile got bigger. Make sure to order the omasake. Will be back soon. I hope a few weeks! ūüėČ This is currently my new favorite local hot spot for sushi cravings.

I can see when it gets busy it may be difficult to get your order in. Make sure to rsvp. They are under new management and so far all looks pretty fabulous. Check them out at http://www.dashjapanese.com/.

IMG_20140216_175526 IMG_20140216_175621 IMG_20140216_180441

Fresh wasabi and ginger – A good sign


Peach Shirome – white fish and peach wrapped in seaweed, fished with truffle oil, pine nuts and vinaigrette (Flavors good though mountain peach vs canned would be more impressive)


Baby Baked Scallop – peru baby scallop baked iwth house sauce, topped with sea urchin (Wish it was bigger. I could easily eat a dozen by myself)


 Age Dashi Tofu Рdeep- fried tofu served with tempura sauce


Omakase Sashimi – Gorgeous display of delicious fish flown from Japan

Didn’t sit at the bar and the Chef still brought it over himself and returned later to ask us how our experience was



Uni, Aji, Yellowtail and Kanpachi


Yellowtail and Kanpachi


Hon Maguro and Hirame


King sake toro and Ao ebi (Blue shrimp)

20140216_183734Ono in yuzu – Very good


Itadakimasu. Bon Appétit!!! <3



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