Cameron’s Inn, Pub and Restaurant

Cameron’s Inn, Pub and Restaurant

Smile; It’s Halfway Through the Week!

Have you ever wandered a path and decided to make a left turn at the fork then ended up on the right somehow? Well that is how Cameron’s Inn, Pub and Restaurant came about. This place has so much to see. Your eyes will be overwhelmed at first by the signs and over 2,000 different beer cans/bottles on the wall. Once you get settled in you will find that this is was one of the best random spots you could stop at.

Best part is if you wanted to stay at this humble home, you can!

If you are heading towards Half Moon Bay and have a bit of time to spare. Swing on by to Cameron’s Inn, Pub and Restaurant. Friendly service and dogs are also welcome!

Take a visual browse and let me know what you think!

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Happy Hump Day!



Fish and Chips – They even offer a condiments bar



Many different beers to choose from and of course Irish Coffee



Random and what seemed out of place, fits just right in at the bar.




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