The Bier Stein

The Bier Stein

He was a wise man who invented beer. – Plato

I love The Bier Stein! I wish I could live at The Bier Stein. Ohhhh to the Belgium beer goodness!  The Bier Stein is THE beer store located in Eugene, OR in the center of the University town. Since opening in July of 2005, the business has recently moved into a new, beer hall-style location.

They have an awesome stock of over 30 taps, a wall of 1,000 different bottles of beer from around the world, and have a menu of excellent food to pair.

Ample parking and sipping space. They always have a fun crowd, no matter if you are sitting at a bar or table.  Very knowledgable and personable staff compliments this memorable experience.

Steps to being a Bier Stein pro:

1. Wait in line: Check the on-going and updated beer list while waiting or check it outline as you creep up on the line:

2. Order Beer/ Food: Order by the sampler, 2oz+ sizes – Your account will remain open until you are ready to close it

3. Take your number and find a seat. Now you wait for the order to come to you

4. Need a refill? There’s an app for that! Go ahead and pull your phone out and fill out some straightforward information and your next set of beer and bits will make its way to you

5. Ready to close out? Just head back to the register and they will close out your tab. Easy!
Yes, order the pretzel! Yes, spend the day and sip beer! Yes, shoot pool and repeat the first two with friends!


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1591 Willamette Street, Eugene, OR 97401  – Mon-Sat 11am-midnight, Sun noon-10pm

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