Beta 5

Beta 5

Good friends, good food, good times

Last week Mr H and I decided that it was time to make a road trip heading towards the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Our incredible week long journey included; Dunsmuir Ca, Redding Ca, Eugene Or, Jacksonville Or, Portland Or, Seattle Wa, Vancouver and Newberg Or. Considering that I should have posted starting with our first stop but I just couldn’t help share one of my favorite stops.

Beta 5 is located in a slightly hidden industrial area at 413 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2P3, Canada. If you drive by too quickly you may miss it and food trucks seem to like parking on that street so keep an eye out.

The only challenge was to decide on what to order. After all, this was our first foodie stop out of many for the day.

We arrived around 4pm as my heart begins to palpitate in fear that all the cream puff flavors would disappear before my eyes. Luckily for us, only one flavor that we wanted to try (Banana Cream Puff) was sold out. All the ones we did try were outstanding.

Originally, we came through for just their cream puffs and we left with chocolates and more.

What is there not to love about this place? Creative and focused with a designer’s eye and taste worthy of praise. All the flavors possess a cohesive balance in both cream puff selection and chocolates. Its presentation compliments the flavors in every bite. Beta 5’s packaging is both functional and thoughtful. I can’t decide if I am more in love with the cream puffs or chocolates and if I were you I would buy one of each!

More about Beta 5: The form-5 beta crystal structure is the most stable form of cocoa butter crystallization, formed through the controlled melting, and subsequent cooling of liquid chocolate, giving our chocolates’ their distinctive shine and crisp snap

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I recommend that if you love creative and delicious desserts and are in the area, make a pitstop at Beta 5. You will not regret it. Make sure you come early as they do run out quick and close at 5:30pm.

Pictures credited to our gracious foodie friend and photographer, Jeff Poh. He creates photo magic. 😉  Thank you for the sneak peak of your wonderful hometown. It was an epic journey.

DSC00688 DSC00678 DSC00675 DSC00672 DSC00667 DSC00665 DSC00664 DSC00663 DSC00662 DSC00658

A few taken from me.


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