America’s Cup Sports Bar

America’s Cup Sports Bar

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same. – Elbert Hubbard

My dear friend made plans to take me to my first Jason Mraz concert and it was held at the America’s Cup Pavilion in SF! How funny that it took a visitor to drag me to the embarcadero area. I truly believe I am abusing my location since I live so close to where all the action is yet time is never made for exploration. We had a great time and I hope more concerts can be as intimate. Must make it a goal to come out here more.

This bar is one of the largest pop-up bars I have ever experienced with a fantastic view of the water and bay bridge. A great place to take visitors to.

The America’s Cup Sports Bar (Presented by Peroni Italy) opened its doors on Thursday, July 4 for fans to enjoy what is sure to be a thrilling summer of racing. Located at Pier 27 on the Embarcadero, the sports bar offers outdoor patios overlooking the harbor, private lounge areas and large private event spaces. All spaces are equipped with large screen TV’s to enjoy watching live racing and other local sports games.

They are open every day until the end of the America’s Cup Finals which I think ends in a few weeks. Come and enjoy a drink, relax and explore its entirety (ie: the pop-up shops, car show and even second bar adjacent to the America’s Cup Bar) . I am sad that I missed the LV Cup store but there is still many other things to see in the other souvenir shops. If you just want to check the bar out without ordering anything, you can also do that and at least appreciate the beautiful view.

Note(s): There is a bag check prior to entering the America’s Cup area Food is not worth ordering and drinks may be pretty but not very strong and pretty expensive.

Come on out this way if you have the opportunity. They do offer happy hour (half off cocktails) and best to grab a beer and relax while this beautiful pop-up is still around!


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Beer and three Cucumber Collins- Square One Organic Cucumber Vodka (Verrrry goood stuff. I have a bottle at home), Yuzu lemon juice, seitzer, cucumbers, pickled huckleberries

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