Alexander’s Patisserie

Alexander’s Patisserie

A party without a cake is just a meeting – Julia Child

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A bite into a exquisite dessert is an experience. The decor and furnishings is desired to set the mood as you devour each bite. Yes, it is necessary and for such a place,  I will go for miles and wait in long lines.

The location is in set in the pedestrian-friendly downtown area of Mountain View where street parking and open lots are available in its vicinity.

Stepping into Alexander’s Patisserie (the newest addition to Alexander’s Steakhouse, 2014) , your eyes will feast first. The open space is inviting and the first thing you will be fixated on are the well lit pastry display cases filled with sweet and savories. This feeling is akin similar to when one walks into Tiffany’s, at least that was how I felt. 😉 Once you look up you will notice the vanilla tufted chairs and round tables that invite you to take a seat.

Chef Dries Delanghe and his team has done an excellent job in exciting my palate and kudos to Alexander’s Steakhouse for successfully opening up a patisserie for all to enjoy, and creating a much desired space.

I must admit entering for the first time was a bit overwhelming as I felt compelled to follow the sign that tells you where the line starts vs. making my way to the first available patisserie attendant.

The friendly and reassuring faces from the staff made the rest of my time there easy and enjoyable. Questions were welcomed and answered delightfully.

Alexander’s Steakhouse opened their first establishment in Cupertino, Ca. known for their steaks and earning them one Michelin star. As of today their family roster consists of four steakhouses, one premier seafood location called “The Sea”, and  “Alexander’s Patisserie” the whimsical pastry shop.

Take a look at my gallery for a sneak peak. I hope you will have the opportunity to stop on by.

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209 Castro Street
Mountain View, Ca 94041


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