Southern California Cronut Craze

Southern California Cronut Craze

Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul. Dorothy Day

Earlier this month my husband and I had made a trip down to Southern California to celebrate our 8th Anniversary and as an impromptu I decided to call some friends and make it a cronut weekend!

From the east coast, this insatiable treat has arrived all-over and making its way to California. I really wanted to know what all the buzz was about. There are only two places up north that had them. Having failed my previous attempts in buying one, I was not about to lose anymore sleep over it.

We won’t be covering all the locations. Just three that was close in proximity to me at the time. (This gives you an idea of how abundant your choices are and the best part is no lines!)

First up was DK Donuts – a SoCal chain, open 24 hours a day. We ordered up some strawberry nutella versions that were made freshly prepared. Super friendly service and offered us a free red velvet donut with our cronut order. OMG! My first bite was good but I still didn’t understand the wow factor. Who wouldn’t love hazelnut spread with fresh strawberries but was this truly a cronut? The taste was like eating a deep fried piece of dough with some air pockets but did not offer the layers. How should I say this. It was missing, Je ne sais quoi?

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Early the next morning, unsatisfied, I went to a neighboring donut shop on my way home from breakfast with a good friend. We stopped by Friendly’s Donuts, open 4am daily and owned by a very sweet couple. One of the owners swore that she and her husband love cronuts so much that they eat it daily! I love their passion! Ordered up some bacon ones and waited for the final touches as she piled lots of bacon on each pastry. Looks like they also have more variety at this location. The initial bite was was pretty darn good. The cronut was able to sit out all day and still maintain its crispness. I was not crazy about their fillings (too sweet and artificial to me) but the bacon cronut was a solid. The flakiness was there and the beautiful layers made my mouth happy.

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Feeling determined, the last stop later in the day was in Kelly’s Donuts in Fountain Valley. They carry more of the normal day hours. I heard that they will make them fresh to order and to call ahead to prevent from waiting. Ordered up two blueberry cronuts to share. (Not sure about what other flavors they had available.)  At this point I am cronut-out!  After one bite, these were hands down the best of the three. Hot, fresh and crispy. I worry that if you do not eat these immediately they will not taste as great.


They were all within ten miles.Three completely different cronut shops that provided three completely different experiences. (My poor friends, had to do much of the eating. They blamed me for the extra pounds that took place during the weekend.)

Not sure when I’ll have another cronut but if you do have the opportunity to grab one to try, you must! Would I wait in line for them? Maybe not? Until next time.

Here are the locations:

3744 E Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92869
(714) 633-5858
Hours: 24-7

4442 E Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92869
(714) 538-4942
Hours: Open at 4 am daily

9475 Heil Ave
Ste A
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 531-0288
Hours: Mon-Sat 5:30 am – 7 pm Sun 6:30 am – 2 pm

Happy Eating!

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