Throwback Thursday – Steak it to me baby! 

Steak House Satou has been famed for its Matsuzaka beef. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find it listed in a travel guide and written about in reviews.

Located in a cute bicycle town of Kichijoji-Honcho, there is a huge electronics store (cooler than the one in the vibrant town of Akihabara) and many inexpensive eats and shops. Kichijoji is one of my favorite towns in Tokyo and one not to miss!

More on the town:

Tip: The famed kitkat flavors such as watermelon and matcha can be found for a fraction of the cost anywhere else in the city!

Considered one of the top steaks that you can have in the world. This fatty marbleized delight does not require for you to spend $300- $500 for 10oz.

Satou has two floors, The small restaurant is up a narrow set of stairs and on the 2F, while the 1F is a butcher shop.As early as 8AM you will see a long line forming for the coveted and inexpensive Matsuzaka menchi katsu croquettes, limited to 100 per day. At 180Y or approximately $2 a piece is worth the wait.

Heading up the stairs, please keep in mind they do not take reservations and you may need to wait up those tiny narrow stairs so try not to wear a thick jacket. There are offerings of mini kobe lunch set sliced (limited in quantity, daily). Specials ranging from approximately 1000Y – 10,000Y.  Meal sets are served with soup and salad. If you do decide to order the A5, the chef will personally grab your steak and show you before preparing it. Last summer, my Matsuzaka sirloin A5 grade beef 10 oz steak was US $80.

Note: The inexpensive sets are not matsuzaka.

More about the best wagyu types in Japan: 

Location: Steakhouse Satou
1-1-8 Kichijoji-Honcho,
Musashino-shi, Tokyo.

Meat Shop: 09:00 am – 08:00 pm Steakhouse Hours:

Lunch: 11:00 am – 03:00 pm;
Dinner: 05:00 pm – 09:00 pm


How to get there? :
From Central Exit of Kichijoji Station, walk across Heiwa-dori.
Turn left onto Daiya-gai,located right before Sun Road’s arcade.
Satou is located at the block’s corner on the left side.

Make sure you stop by the 100Y store before heading back to town.

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Yes, I have waited twice in this steep narrow set of stairs. Please come early to minimize the wait time.

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Long line for famous Matsuzaka croquette
Long line for famous Matsuzaka croquette





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