Miku – A waterfront restaurant – Vancouver BC


I’m not making art, I’m making sushi.¬†Masaharu Morimoto

Downtown restaurant specializing in Aburi (seared) sushi. This restaurant was recommended by family and locals that live in Vancouver. I really wanted to love this place and just couldn’t. Offering a beautiful view and large space, it’s definitely a treat for those looking for a fun date night location. This place is easily accessible by car and by public transportation.
The aburi (seared) box sushi was very pretty to look at but the rice was on the wet side and fell apart which made it very difficult to eat. The service wilted in my eyes as the evening progressed. The Kagoshima Wagu nigiri did not look appealing and the sear did not improve the visual appearance or taste. Overall, I was not all that impressed. I did enjoy the gyozas and am so glad I did not continue to order.

Make sure you make reservations in advance on opentable.com or plan to wait about 1.5-2hrs.

Come to Miku for the experience of seared sushi and walk around the waterfront area. Do not order Kagoshima Wagu and hopefully it was just an off night for me.

Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C, Canada
+1 604-568-3900


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Chef's selection traditional nigiri
Chef’s selection traditional nigiri
Kagoshima Wagu - Seared nigiri
Kagoshima Wagu – Seared nigiri


Spicy prawn and pork gyoza - crispy pork belly. sweet miso reduction, ponzu pickled onion, shiso leaf
Spicy prawn and pork gyoza – crispy pork belly. sweet miso reduction, ponzu pickled onion, shiso leaf


Local Beer
Local Beer


Bar Area
Bar Area

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Easy access
Easy access



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