Hairy Crab at Wu Kong

Hairy Crab at Wu Kong

You are the butter to my bread,and the breath to my life. – Julia Child

The past six months have been a distant blunder for me and all I have are photos to remind me that I did not wrap from a time machine and that it really is almost Thanksgiving next week.

Set menus have a spellbinding appeal to me. Perhaps, it’s the fact that I can have everything that I want for a reasonable price or that everything comes in bite sizes so that it gives me reason to taste a bit from each item.

During the the months of October – November there is an abundance of offerings for the hairy crab , known for their hairy claws and tasty innards, (Chinese mitten crab) all over Hong Kong.  A Shanghainese delicacy that requires extra work in order to devour.

You can buy them for as inexpensive as a few dollars per piece at a local vender to as high as $100 US for a culinary experience.

Taken from wikipedia: The crab is an autumn delicacy in Shanghai cuisine and eastern China. It is prized for the female crab roe, which are ripen in the ninth lunar month and the males in the tenth.[12] The crab meat is believed by the Chinese to have a “cooling” (yin) effect on the body.

If you are looking for a taste of this tiny critter. Let me share my photo experience at Wu Kong in Hong Kong. For HK408 or approximately $52.63 + tax and 10% per person, you too can enjoy with half the effort! (An a la carte menu is also available)

20131022_12021420131022_120558Complimentary side : Seasoned peanuts

20131022_120814Crabs are shown to you before they are steamed


Braised hairy crab meat with shark fin soup (Each spoonful was filled with crab meat)


Hairy crab meat with steamed sticky rice with sauteed sugar peas shoots (Loved this part of the set. No work, all pleasure)

20131022_124045Xiao Long Bao filled with hairy crab meat (I could easily have eaten six of these. It was very desirable.)

20131022_124152Must add ginger and vinegar

20131022_120920We mean business! All prepared for easy access.


Crabs almost ready to eat! (See video)

20131022_124413Lovely innards

20131022_124420-MOTIONAn animated view of all the innards


 Only shells as proof that it was a wonderful experience!

20131022_132553Black sesame dumplings for dessert

20131022_132916 20131022_133126

Next time we must venture to ordering the Peking duck! Bon Appétit

Two locations available:

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